Technology Developed for Commercial Fleets

At Hydron we offer a unique combination of clean propulsion technology and reliable autonomous driving hardware. By bringing together the industry’s best hydrogen fuel cell powertrain, automotive grade autonomous driving hardware, and refueling infrastructure we’re helping fleets dramatically improve capacity while eliminating the carbon footprint of trucks.

"Our goal is to develop the cleanest and most efficient heavy-duty trucks on the planet."

Clean and Quiet Propulsion

The powertrain for our first-generation heavy-duty truck utilizes a 100% zero carbon hydrogen fuel cellwhich utilizes the chemical energy of hydrogen to produce clean electricityto propel the vehicle. This game changing propulsion system eliminates carbon emissions, and the only byproduct is heat and water.

Autonomous Hardware for Nearly Continuous Operation

By integrating an array of HD cameras, LiDAR, radar, and powerful computing units, Hydron trucks are ready for autonomous operations and can work with a variety of autonomous driving software types.

Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure to Keep Fleets Moving

We provide on-site hydrogen refueling infrastructure through an ecosystem of partnerships to meet the needs of large commercial fleets. By installing the necessary storage, dispersal hardware and hydrogen, we can strategically implement hydrogen refueling infrastructure along high-volume freight routes.

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