Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Hydron’s CEO?

Will Hydron trucks operate without a human in the vehicle?

Are Hydron trucks good for the environment?

How much will Hydron’s first generation truck cost?

What is the expected range of Hydron’s first-generation truck?

Does Hydron provide hydrogen refueling infrastructure?

Will Hydron vehicles operate in extreme weather such as hot and cold climates?

Which autonomous driving software does Hydron trucks operate on?

Where does Hydron’s manufacturing take place?

Will Hydron vehicles run on green or blue hydrogen?

Does Hydron make Hydrogen?

Is Hydron part of TuSimple?

Does Hydron work with autonomous driving companies?

Does Hydron work with tier one suppliers?

When with Hydron trucks be available?

Where can I reserve a Hydron truck?

Does Hydron develop autonomous driving software?

Who founded Hydron?

Does Hydron manufacture vehicles?

Where is Hydron located?

What is Hydron’s mission?

What is Hydron?