Zero Emission, Autonomous Ready Trucks for a Better World

At Hydron we design, manufacture, and sell autonomous ready trucks powered by clean hydrogen fuel cells.

Our mission is to transform long-haul freight transportation by developing the cleanest and most efficient trucks on the planet.

We aim to become the leading provider of hydrogen powered autonomous ready trucks and refueling infrastructure and in doing so help improve and protect our supply chains.

A new kind of company developing game changing products in three key areas


Clean Propulsion

Our trucks are equipped with reliable powertrains powered by zero emission hydrogen fuel cell technology providing the necessary power and range to support long-haul over the road operations.


Autonomous Ready

Each truck is equipped with a complete set of sensors, computing units and redundant actuators to support SAE Level 4 autonomous operations, allowing fleet owners to operate our trucks nearly continuously stopping only for refueling and preventative maintenance.


Refueling Infrastructure

By offering on-site hydrogen refueling infrastructure along high-volume freight routes, we’re able to provide our customers with the solutions they need to keep freight moving.

Born to Make Freight Transportation Safer, Cleaner and More Efficient

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